VINTAGE 2017 von Parker mit 99 von 100 Punkten ausgezeichnet

Mark Squires von Robert Parker »The Wine Advocate« schätzt den VINTAGE Port 2017 als einen ganz großen Jahrgang ein.  Sehr hohe 99-100 Punkten bewertet er den 2017er VINTAGE von Niepoort Vinhos. Besser geht es kaum noch 🙂
Wir gratulieren Dirk Niepoort und das ganze Team von Niepoort für diesen Erfolg!

Im Original schreibt Mark Squires folgendes:

„The 2017 Vintage Port is a field blend from old vines (80 to 100 years old). It comes in with 89 grams per liter of residual sugar. This was set for bottling in two weeks, but it was the final blend. Even when open for a couple of days, this was still tight, muscular and concentrated, grabbing the palate and never letting go. On opening, it was fragrant and delicious, but even then, there was plenty of muscle and evident concentration. The concentration and power merely improved as it aired out—unlike a lot of 2016s (which year Niepoort did not declare).

Tasting it after several days open showed that it shut down and closed up in terms of expressiveness, but it definitively proved that it’s an old-school, long-haul wine. Dry, stern and long on the finish, this is brilliant. It is hard to think of any basis on which this is not perfection just now—Niepoort says it is the best he’s ever made. It’s certainly the best I’ve seen from him, and it is a leading candidate for „Wine of the Vintage,“ although certainly not the only one. Finally, this is going to require patience. Nothing about it says „drink me now.“ It should age brilliantly. If you lack a cellar and patience, look away.

If you’re wondering where the Bioma that I spoke of last year is, it is still not bottled and still not the final blend (so, not reviewed). It will be bottled in January.”

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